Welcome to the World! Baby Everly – Midland, TX Birth Photographer

Personally, I think being a birth photographer is one of the most exciting things in the world.  God has truly blessed me with a talent to be able to witness and professionally capture these moments and miracles.  It’s one of those few genres of photography that have so many emotions all mixed into one event like some sort of wonderful cocktail.

The following images are of a beautiful love story…..   love at first sight. <3

This wasn’t a planned c-section.  Baby girl seemed pretty comfy with her current living arrangements and refused to come out so once the decision was made, things went by pretty quickly.  (Thank you Kelly from The Witty Womb for helping me prepare for the OR. )

((I’m so in love with this family, doctor and staff and their new itty bitty!))

Welcome to the World Baby Everly!    Congrats to the Roger’s family on their beautiful new addition.