The Investment in Newborn Photography

So you have been shopping around for a newborn photographer?  Just like everyone else, one of the important details that you look for when hiring someone in the service industry is “How much?”


There are several very logical practical reasons why I and most businesses charge what we do.  I promise I’m not getting rich rolling around in a large pile of money at the end of the day (like some people seem to think I do).  After I pay the business bills I’m pretty much left with a modest minimum wage.

So say you come in for a regular session and I charge you $250 for the sitting fee and I do not include print or products.

Rent: $40 (based on 40 clients average a month)

Utilities : $30 

Backdrops: $60 ish…  (this is a pretty low estimate, these average about $100 or more depending on material and size)

Props: $50 ish…..  (again, I’m low balling this)

Hired Help: $10-14 per hour (3 hours average)

Uncle Sam’s cut : $61  (because I’m a legit business who does pay her taxes)

Total: $271

I have not included the other necessities like insurance, equipment & maintenance, travel, my computer software and editing time, (average 3-5 hours editing time a client), session prep, etc…. etc…..

There is also my experience and training.   I put in so much time, money, heart and soul into my craft and know you will love your finished art to admire on your walls to last a lifetime.  I take such great pride in my business and strive to be one-of-a-kind.   I am also the ONLY Certified Professional Photographer through the Professional Photographers Association in Midland/Odessa, TX and specialize primarily shooting maternity, newborns, and babies so it’s important I stay up to date and constantly training in safety.

Birth photography can be a huge investment.  It’s an “on call” and all inclusive session.  Since I stay booked year round I have to block off so much time or end up cancelling appointments so I can be there for your big day!   It’s kind of like photographing a wedding, but you never really know when baby will be here.

With the Cost of Doing Business aside, I really love being a full service, high end boutique studio and love offering beautiful, professional archival products such a gallery wrap canvas, albums, prints, and much much more!   A print lab can make or break an image (I can’t control quality outside of the studio) and want to re-assure my clients that their prints will look amazing backed by our studio color quality guarantee.   Digital files are nice to have, but if not printed properly the images will not last forever.

The moral of the story?   I can’t and will not compete with my competition based on price.   If I gave in to that, then I would end up burned out and on the bottom.    I’m not here to bash anyone on what they charge because at one point I was a cheap photographer too.  I’m just in a different place in my journey then I was years ago.

I’m always an open book so feel free to contact us.  My pricing and policies is always published and can be found on my Investment page.

Thanks so much and I look forward to creating quality art for you!

Kimberly is an award winning, certified professional photographer located in Midland / Odessa, TX.  She specializes in newborn, maternity, baby, and family photography.

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