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Babies and Crochet!

This was such a neat photoshoot.  Momma is so talented with the crochet needle and hand made all of babies outfits for this photoshoot.  Every shot was perfect and loved this entire session from the beginning to the end!

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We didn’t stop at crochet outfits though…

For the finale we placed baby in a pumpkin to celebrate the beginning of Fall!  **I had a plastic liner inside and a blanket to protect baby** 🙂image-1fb copy

Today’s Featured Baby!

Oh how I love to photograph newborns!  This little man took my breath away!  Such a perfect little man all the way from his head to his adorable baby toes!  <3

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Special thanks to Crochet Creations by Marsha for the crochet football hat & Sarah Lopez for all her assistance.

Contact me today to book your appointment!  <3

all photographs copyright (c) Kimberly Cowan Photography 2015…. all rights reserved.

Are You Ready for Some Football!!!!

Oh my!  Oh my!   Football season is here and what a great way to celebrate by dressing up cute little newborns for the occasion!   🙂  Future little football stars in the making!  <3


Newborn Mini Special

I had a few spots open up at the end of this year for newborn mini’s.   A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot on my calendar due to limited availability.  Contact me today to book your appointment.  😉


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My Cozy Little Studio Set Up

I had an inquiry lately about my studio set up and I would like to share it with everyone.

Right now I currently have a home-studio set up.  Technically, it’s my garage but it’s an open space and I put a lot of work, paint, and love into it making it home like and comfortable and so far has worked out great for my indoor shoots and storing my mass collection of props.  This is a temporary situation while I’m hunting the Midland market for a commercial space to call my new photography home.   Right now my set is best for newborns, babies, and small kids.  My larger family shoots I prefer to do outdoors in natural light settings.

I have a large prop stash!  LOL.  I have fabrics, wraps, crochet outfits, cake stands, backdrops, baskets, chairs, and all kinds of other things to help personalize your photo session.



I also have a little sitting area set up so you can watch comfortably while you supervise me taking pictures of your adorable little ones.  🙂


Sometimes my studio area gets hot.  With the lights and small space heater I have for my newborn sessions (newborn sessions are supposed to be warm since baby is usually naked and needs to feel warm and comfortable) I have a small AC that you can have all to your self.  It’s my job to sweat and work to get that adorable sleepy time picture, but I promise you do not have too.  🙂

This is the main wall for my photoshoots.  I have professional brackets & chains on my wall to hang my heaviest backdrops.  This helps streamline my photoshoots and keeps things organized.


Off to the side is where I have my newborn set up.  It’s a nice big sturdy bean bag and stand so I can beautifully drape fabrics and get those adorable tiny shots.





My space is small, but humble and I’ve created many magical images here so being able to have a dedicated work space is a blessing.  If things keep going my way I’m hoping to have a larger separate space by the beginning of next year as another phase of my re-branding project.   Wish me luck!  <3  🙂