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I’m currently through this sweet girls gallery and really brought back some feels. In keeping things raw, I was experiencing one of the worst days so far this year but was super excited about building this Dino girly set for sweet Mia. It really brightened up my day when Mia wanted to play dinosaur theatre party and my assistant grabbed my camera and captured this sweet candid shot of us. 🦖 She is a true cutie and adore watching her grow! 🌷
This year has brought on many challenges for me as well as my peers. Being in a creative small business luxury industry I would be lying if I said inflation and this economy hasn’t hit me and my family hard. Watching my grocery bill double certainly does suck. Also, breaking my radius bone in my right wrist certainly didn’t help things either. Running a business isn’t easy because if it was, everyone would do it. I often work over 40+ hours a week, edit and take calls on my vacations & sick days because I do not get paid time off or health benefits. Even when I’m having a bad day and getting my butt chewed up and spit out I pick myself up and keep going because this is my passion and can’t imagine doing any other career.
I guess the emotional raw hearted me wants to reach out and say thank you to everyone who continued to stick with me, trust me to capture your treasured moments, and valued my art. You have soooooo many options out there, but incredibly honored to be chosen to work with you. I have been in business since 2011 and strive everyday to be better than the me I was yesterday.
If anyone is looking to have pictures taken, please throw my name out there and keep me in mind. I know professional portraiture can be an investment, but it’s one of the best investments that only grow in worth over time, like a fine wine. Complimenting with your good words and referring your local photographer to your family and friends can go a long way for us!
Thank you again and thanks for letting my wear my heart on my sleeve. I’ll be looking at sets for Christmas this month and I know a lot of people get excited for them so stay tuned.
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