Newborn Prep Guide


HOWDY! This guide was created help you better prepare for our session together.  Below are some tips to help us have a great and smooth session and will help baby sleep longer and sounder.

• Newborns are best photographed within the frist two weeks of life (14 days) 3 weeks is is usually ok to but pushing our luck after that.

• Please keep baby away for a few hours before out session together

• You can dress in lawyer.  The room we are shooting in is going to be hot for baby’s comfort, usually around 80 degrees.  (If it’s a home session, please to keep the area we are shooting in warm, space heaters work great and keep the shooting space clutter free)

•sessions typically last around 2 hours

I have an ton of hats, wraps, and props.  If there is something specific you’d like to have then please do bring it.

~*~ My Workflow ~*~

(1) Parents, Siblings, Family if desired  (Immediate family only / Studio only)

 (2) Basket and Props

(3) Beanbag Posing


Babies loved to be wrapped and snuggled and I keep the room warm to help replicate what it was like for them in the womb.  If we are shooting at your home I’ll ask you to crank up the heat to about the low 80’s….. If you are coming to my studio you can expect that its going to be warm. For this reason I recommend that you dress in layers.

Now if you baby tends to want to eat more than usual no worries!  Babies love to eat! If at any time baby seems hungry I may ask you to feed him. This will help them hopefully go back to sleep (I call his milk drunk( so we can keep shooting!

Checklist for a GREAT session!


bottle (milk, lots of milk)

extra diapers

baby wipes

burp clothes

extra shirt for mom and dad

any props or heirloom pieces

The Morning of the Session

Please try to keep baby awake for 2-3 hrs prior to coming. We move baby around so much during our time together it would be hard for them to stay asleep if they aren’t already exhausted.

Here’s some simple tips to do to keep baby awake:

  • can give baby a sponge bath (only if your comfortable) 2.5 hrs before the session.  (especially wash their hair so it does’t have that greasy look)

-assign dad or grandma to baby alert duty while you get ready.

-tickle babies feet

-don’t swaddle baby in a blanket until its time to leave.

Don’t forget that I love to have you in the pictures as well as dad and any siblings and in fact, encourage this!  If you would like your portrait taken for baby please come in portrait ready.  🙂


Thanks and I’m looking forward to our session together!

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