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Thank you so much Midland, TX for voting me as your favorite photographer!!!   It’s been a very exciting few years serving Midland, TX and the Permian Basin!


Looking forward to exciting new changes and growth for the years to come.


We are now booking into 2019 and we easily book up fast so don’t wait if you want to get on the calendar.



Sept 7th, Christimas Mini Registration (online)

Oct 6th – Hello Baby Education – Newborn & Business Photography Workshop

November 9-11th – Christmas Mini’s 2018

December 8th 11:30 – 1:30pm – Santa Clause in Studio!  (Walk in Event, $60 cash or check only)


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I’m so excited to share this year’s set with everyone!  We went all out this year and it turned out better than I imagined.

The set is large enough for families, kids, pets, etc….

Online registration starts September 7th right here at and will take place Nov 9-11th at my North Midland studio next to Party City off Loop 250 and Billingsley Blvd in the North Park Shopping Center.

Price is $150 and includes 5 high resolution digital images with a full print release.  Cards and additional products will be available for purchase!

To be fair to all my clients, I will not open up registration until September 7th.  You are welcome to call the studio the morning of to reserve your spot we usually arrive by 9am.    


Kimberly is an award winning and Certified Professional Photographer located in Midland, TX and services the entire Permian Basin.   Kim likes to take walks, wine, being crafty, and spending time with her husband and 2 children.



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I’m so excited to be writing this blog today and sharing my showcase for my first ever International Photographic Competition (IPC) hosted by the Professional Photographers Association.    I merited all 3 of my images this year which counts towards my Master Photographer degree.

It really has been an eye opening experience for me and feel like it’s been a stepping stone to taking my craft to the next level.  Anyone who knows me knows that I never to things half way.  I’m competitive by nature and love when hard work and dedication pays off.

Thank you so much to everyoene who has supported me and my business and trusting my company to not just take a picture, but to create unique art for you, your baby, and family!

The IPC is pretty tough.  Your images are put in front of a panel of judges and judged on 12 elements to merit an image.    The element consist of Impact (how does the image make you feel?), Technical Excellence (retouching, exposure, sharpness, etc….), Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Color Balance, Center of Interest, Lighting, Subject, Technique, and Story Telling.

When an image merits it is then decided to take it to the next level and see if it will go to the Loan Collection.   This collection is composed of the “best of the best”.   This year wasn’t my year for any loans, but being my first year I’m ok with this.  My toes are in the sand and I’m hooked and can’t wait to dream up ideas for next year’s competition.

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Personally, I think being a birth photographer is one of the most exciting things in the world.  God has truly blessed me with a talent to be able to witness and professionally capture these moments and miracles.  It’s one of those few genres of photography that have so many emotions all mixed into one event like some sort of wonderful cocktail.

The following images are of a beautiful love story…..   love at first sight. <3

This wasn’t a planned c-section.  Baby girl seemed pretty comfy with her current living arrangements and refused to come out so once the decision was made, things went by pretty quickly.  (Thank you Kelly from The Witty Womb for helping me prepare for the OR. )

((I’m so in love with this family, doctor and staff and their new itty bitty!))

Welcome to the World Baby Everly!    Congrats to the Roger’s family on their beautiful new addition.



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