Helpful Canon DSLR Camera Tips! – Setting your white balance with a gray card

Greetings everyone and welcome to todays little tidbit!

Do your pictures seem off on color in the camera?  Like super yellow jaundice looking subjects or cold blue exposures?     Doing something as simple as setting your white balance in your camera may help with your problem and save you time in post production / editing too!

What is a gray card?

According to Wikipedia, A gray card is a middle gray reference, typically used together with a reflective light meter, as a way to produce consistent image exposure and/or color in video production, film and photography.


The gray card pictured below I purchased from Arlington Camera during a trade show, but I also have this one I purchased from Amazon that works too!

First, place your gray card in the area you will be photographing with whatever light source you will be using.   Take a picture making sure the entire card is of good size in the frame.

Under the icon that looks like a camera, search for the White Balance option.  (Sorry about my dirty camera!)

Select the Custom icon and push OK.

Now you’re going to select the Custom White Balance option in your main menu.

The camera is automatically going to search for the last picture taken with the gray card.   Push OK.

Now your camera is white balance calibrated for your shooting environment and ready to GO!


I hope this information was helpful and good luck on your amazing photography journey!


Kimberly Cowan is a Certified Professional Photographer through the PPA located in Midland / Odessa, Texas.  She’s been photographing for over 11 years and specializes in Bump to Baby and Family Photography.

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