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Maternity sessions are one of my most favorite kinds of sessions!   

When I was pregnant with my daughter 15 years ago, maternity photo sessions really wasn’t a thing so I do not have any photographs to document that experience other than at my baby shower.  My most memorable image from that day was when the cake lady misspelled “Sweet Baby Eleana” to “SWEAT Baby Eleana”.     This totally was not how I wanted to document and remember my second pregnancy 8 years later with Baby Jayden.  I was so excited and glad I made the decision to hire a professional photographer to document my bump with my family.   Pretty gowns, flowers in the hair… I felt like a princess waiting for my tiny prince.

One of my great joys is to be able to give that experience to you! 

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you I have a bit of a shopping addiction.   My maternity gown collection is 60+ gowns strong and seriously I have no plans on stopping to acquire beautiful maternity gowns for you.   My gown closet is EXCLUSIVE to my clients and and freebie perk for being my amazing client!


Wardrobe Tips and Tricks

I you need a hair and make up artist, I have a few professionals on my list I’ll be happy to arrange for you for an additional fee.  Every artist is different by average about $100-$130 for their time and talent.   Professional makeup is an amazing way to treat yourself and feel your best!

Solid colors always photograph the best and open necklines are usually flattering but don’t forget to be comfortable!  Many maternity dresses are designed to stretch and be forgiving to give room for your bump so you can be happy and move freely during your photoshoot.   For undergarments, a nude strapless bra and nude panties always work the best since some of the gowns have a thin maternal.  IF you have supportive shape wear to help with panty lines since some of the gowns are form fitting even better!

Don’t forget your Accessories! 

Personally I kinda feel naked without a necklace but love the more simple pendants.  I do have a variety of rhinestone necklaces and pearls if you want to borrow something of mine.  Bangles, scarfs, shiny shoes, and other statement pieces are great things you can bring along with you to shake things up!

Check your nails and see if you need a manicure a few days before for a clean fresh look.  Neutral or classic colors will photograph the best and keep your look timeless.


Here is a link to my maternity gown closet here!

Maternity Gown Collection


Have a wonderful day West Texas!

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