Newborn Safety

Congratulations on your new little arrival!   After dreaming about meeting your little bundle for the first time you are now researching on the perfect image of your sweet babe to hang up on your walls and to announce to the world!

There are several things to ideally look for in your newborn photographer…….

-Where do they operate?  (home, studio, or on location)



-Art/edit style?

-Prop selection?

-And most importantly, are they trained in newborn safety?  


Here are some important things to look out for during baby’s session.

Wrapping – 

Make sure that baby is snug, but not too tight.  Wrapping to tight can cut off baby’s circulation.   Materials I use are stretchy and I make sure that I can stick a hand and finger inside the wrap safely to get baby’s limbs out when needing too.  

Posing – 

Do not force baby to do anything they do not want to do, especially when it comes to advanced posing like froggy.  Some babies just do not want to bend or be placed on their tummies and that’s fine.  Every baby is different and is important to listen to their cues and accommodate to their comfort level.   Also watch out for purple lips, toes and fingers.  Baby’s have immature circulation systems and is easy to cut off blood flow if not careful.

Compositing – 

Complex posing like froggy, potato sack, and usage of props hanging off the floor like swings must be composited for baby’s safety.   It’s just not a good idea to have your baby swinging high off anything or holding their own little bodies up for any reason.   A composite is several images composited into a final single image.  

Assistant – 

I personally believe an assistant should be present at every newborn session.  I know some photographers are ok without one and will recruit mom and dad or a family member if needed but someone needs to be close by to baby at all times.  Newborns have a startle reflex and it will not take much for their little bodies to jerk and launch themselves off or out of something.  I employee at least 1 assistant at the studio to help keep your little one safe.

Props – 

Do not place baby inside anything that could harm them.  That means no pointy baskets or absolutely no glass items.

Heat – 

We do use space heaters inside the studio to keep baby warm.  Baby is usually naked and I like to simulate the womb as much as possible to keep them comfortable during transitions.  Make sure heaters are not too close to baby.

Snuggles and kisses – 

Do not let anyone kiss your baby.   Babies love to be snuggled and held up close for comfort and security and that’s fine, but there is no reason why anyone other than yourself should be kissing your new little one.

Sickness – 

Do not let people near your baby if they are sick.

If I get sick, I will have to reschedule there is no question to it.   If a doctor clears me for work (they are aware of my profession) then we will set up a new time for your session.   I know getting baby’s portraits done is a time sensitive matter but it’s so much better to delay the session a few days to a week than to risk getting baby infected.

Workspace – 

Is the workspace clutter free and sanitary?   A cluttered workspace can lead up to accidents.  Is the equipment in good working order?    Blankets and outfits and props should be cleaned after usage to be germ free for the next little one.


There is no image worth risking your baby’s safety for.  If something makes you uncomfortable during a session then speak up and be your baby’s advocate.  A professional will understand and honor your requests.

My goal is to be one of the most professional and safest newborn photographers in my area and to help educate others to help set a new standard to our growing industry.  🙂


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