Celebrating Baby Aivlee’s 1st Year! – The Hello Baby Milestones Plan – Odessa, TX

Oh Baby Aivlee!  What a pleasure it has been to watch you be born and grow through your first year!  It has been a wonderful adventure and so incredibly blessed and honored that I was chosen to be your baby photographer and experience all your beautiful milestones.


I remember when I found out your momma was in labor, and I packed all my gear up as fast as I possibly could and raced like NASCAR all the way from Midland to Odessa at 2am.   I forgot to put on a belt that night (because it was 2am… lol), and was practically holding up my pants, holding on to my gear, and stumbling into the hospital making it just in time to watch you come into the world.  Apparently you were impatient and was not going to wait on anyone.  You where ready for the big bright world!

Then about a week later your parents brought you into my newly renovated home studio for your newborn photography portraits in Midland, TX.   I knew automatically you would be the star to my new promo video since business was really starting to take off and knew instantly that you would be the perfect little model.

Then about every 3 months or so you would come back to the studio and we would capture your 1st year baby milestones through The Hello Baby Milestones Plan.

I watched you master tummy time…. (about 3 months old)

Then you showed off your sitting skills and grabbed your cute little toes…. (about 6 months old)

And then suddenly you were standing and I watched you take some baby steps….  (around 9 months).  At this time I had moved business from Midland to my new location to Odessa.  I guess maybe you missed my old place because you were a little grouchy that day.  (lol)

And POOF!!!  You are now a year old and we celebrated with style with a butterfly cake smash!  And like a little lady, you didn’t want to get your hands dirty, so you just went straight to chowing down on the cake face first!  🙂

The year has for sure flown by in a blink of an eye it seems……

Congrats Baby Aivlee!  I look forward to watching you grow into a beautiful little lady!  🙂

-Kimberly (your very honored baby photographer)

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