A little bit about me

As most artist / photographers, a lot of who a person in comes out in their art.   Crazy huh?

Who am I?

Well, for starters I am a born and raised Midland, TX girl.  I’m most definitely an introvert.  I energize by going home after a days work, snuggle with my kids on the couch after dinner and quietly read books or watch something good on TV.   I also energize by being creative.  It’s my passion, my love, my motivation.   I’ve always been creative since I was little, ask my parents.  🙂

I’m married with 2 beautiful children, Eleana 10 and Jayden 2.  My husband in my biased opinion, is the most wonderful man in the world.  He always loves and supports me in my ventures and if it wasn’t for him I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today.   He’s an engineer so is the analytical one in the relationship.  Myself?  I’m more laid back in some ways and whatever happens will happen.   Usually good things lol.

I’m not really into television.  There is a few shows I like.  I’ve always been a fan of The Simpsons, Game of Thrones is pretty awesome, Walking Dead really does keep my on my toes.   I’m more of a movie person though, my favorite genre being romance.   Love and romance is one of the greatest things in this world and it brings me peace to sit and watch it all unfold on the big screen.

What else do I like?    I like books, playing board games and video games if I have the time to do so. My favorite is old school Super Mario or a Pokemon game.  (ohhhhh the 90’s… lol).   My favorite color is pink but pretty much into anything colorful.   I love to sing even though I’m terrible at it.   lol

Why did I choose newborn photography?

After the birth of my son, It just clicked that this was my thing.  I love babies, love photographing them, love being with them and luckily I was good at it.  Yes there is other things I love too, but a wise photographer once told me that “If you are a Jack of all Trades, then you a master of none”.   **CLICK**    I have great patience with them and love photographing and showing the world babies through my eyes.  Colorful, bright, beautiful, clean images explode in my portfolio and knowing that I get to create that magic every single day is amazing.   I love my job, it’s the best job in the entire world and waking up exciting every day wondering what I will create next keeps me on my toes and a spring in my heart.

Well I guess that’s enough chit chat about me.  🙂   I hope everyone enjoys their day today!

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