Studio Progress

Now is the time I present my big studio reveal!  I know my fans have been anxious to see and where I ended up.   It’s not completely finished but it is in the final stages.

Like many fellow photographers, I have decided to go with the home studio approach nestled in North Midland.  After shopping retail spaces around town I just couldn’t make the numbers work to my advantage without selling my soul or something like that, so this was my 2nd option and honestly I’m glad I did it.

This space actually used to be my garage.  We never parked in it to be honest because it was hard to get our big vehicles to fit comfortably so it’s always been our storage and little workroom.  With some TLC and creative decorating it’s turning out so fabulous!

Below is my little sitting area.  It’s equipped with a comfortable couch, rocking chair for my momma’s, my product samples, and flatscreen TV for image reveals, print consultations, and workshops.  The wall where the garage doors used to be is now a glass wall with tall windows and a private back door entrance.


This is my shooting area equipped with my professional lighting and equipment……   studio-7studio-8



And of course my massive prop stash!!!!!     studio-10studio-12



Right now I’m just waiting for the contractors to install the other window wall on the left side, finish up some trimming… then it’s all finished!!!!    studio-14

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North Park Shopping Center

4612 Billingsley Blvd, Suite 34

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